It has been 20 years since Lord Darken Rahl (the bastard brother and one-time priest-advisor to the king) supplanted the rightful rulers of Celestreia: the Royal House of Rasai. In those 20 years, the once bright and beautiful island kingdom (ie: Britain) has become dark and dangerous. The House of Rasai was rumored to be completely wiped out in the attack, so no one is in line to reclaim the throne.

Our heroes grew up together in the town of Morningstar…just on the border of the Forest of Faydark (the home of the elves). The Bay of Shadows off the Eversea creates a channel off the western part of the city, making it a bustling port. Much of their time was spent hanging out with the local tavern-keeper’s daughter, Leia Amara. She was a precocious child, always following them around, begging to be ‘one of the guys.’

They left Morningstar to pursue their separate paths, promising to return in five years time to reunite and catch up with each other and with family. We begin with that five year reunion—the place is the Rising Sun Inn…owned and operated by the Amara family. The once gawky tomboy, Leia, has blossomed into a strikingly beautiful, intelligent, and strong-willed woman of 18 with jet-black hair, ivory skin, and silver-blue eyes.

Rising Sun

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