Rising Sun

The Dawning of Our Story

Upon their return to Morning Star, our heroes found their once-beautiful city a-blaze with the fires of invasion. Darken Rahl, hearing that the citizens of Morning Star were aiding (and, in come cases, participating) in the Resistance of the Elven people, sent a contingent of orcs to raid the port city and teach it's people a lesson.

Nathaniel Lightfellow, Human Ranger, returned from FayDark Forest to find his parents murdered in the attack.

Brother Egon Spangler, Human Cleric, returned from his schooling on the Holy Isle and discovered his mentor, the High Priest of his order in Morning Star, had, likewise, been killed.

Allestor, Human Rogue, came home from his persuit of buried treasure on Pirate Island to find his sister, Alaina, raped by one of the orc invaders.

Ybrik Blackbeard, Dwarven Barbarian, returned empty-handed from his search for his clan in the Northern Mountains and found his little brother missing…presumably taken from the forge by the raiding party to be a slave for Lord Rahl.

Finally, the four heroes reunited at the Rising Sun Inn and discovered that Arthur Amara, father of their childhood friend Leia, was also killed in the attack.

Leia informed the group that the town was, in fact, helping the Resistance. More than that, those that were killed were actually part of it: Arthur Amara, Gabriella and Richard Lightfellow (both of whom were once members of the Royal Palace Guard under the House of Rasai), Father Winston Staanz, and even young Blackbeard.

Determined to find help, Leia set off in search of the Elven city of Silvain, nestled in FayDark Forest, accompanied by her four friends. Along the way, the group was attacked by a party of orcs, residuals from the contingent that raided their city. Several of the heroes were injured, the most gravely of whom was Leia. Near dawn, an Elven search party found the group and brought them safely to Silvain where they met Rose Orfraye, leader of the Resistance. She and her faitful companion, Rowan Elder, decided to lead the group to the heart of Darken Rahl's rule…the capital city of Celestaire, in the Celestreian provence of D'hara. So, leaving Leia in the safe and capable hands of the Elves, the group departed Silvain.


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