Nathaniel Lightfellow

A Human Ranger, and one of the few men alive who has seen the Elven City


Nathaniel Lightfellow grew up in the port city of Morningstar. Upon turning 18, he left the village to make his way in the world. Finding the forest close to his home alluring, he set out into it mearly for the purposes of exploration. While deep in the forest, he came across a young elven girl, whom was being attacked by a pack of hungry wolves. Taking out his trusty bow and arrows, Nathaniel was able to slay all of the wild dogs and save the young girl. She introduced herself as Rose, and he helped the injured girl back to her village. Rose lifted the mystical enchantments over the Elvish capital, in order to allow herself and Nathaniel inside. For his kindness to the girl, The Queen of the Elves presented him with a few enchanted gifts (an Enchanted Bow, and mystical armor), and soon after Nathaniel left.

Upon returning to the outside world, news spread of the young Lightfellow's encounter with the Elves, and many adventurers sought his services as a guide so that they too could see the City. However, without the ability to lift the enchantments himself, Nathaniel could only lead the men in circles around the forest. His job became, simply to make sure that his employers were capable of leaving the forest alive.

Many times throughout his journeys into the forest, or when he was simply resting in his cottage near Faedark Forest, Rose would meet him and playfully mock his employers. Through Rose, Nathaniel learned how to speak the elfish language, and soon after Rose came of age, the two became lovers.

After five years away from Morningstar, Nathaniel returned home to find the city destroyed, and his parents murdered. With nothing left to tie him to that city, Nathaniel left with a small party of friends from his youth to join the resistance to Lord Darken Rhal, who's orcs were responsible for Morningstar's demise.

Nathaniel Lightfellow

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