Ybrik Blackbeard

Dwarven Barbarian



STR: 22

DEX: 16


INT: 10

WIS: 11

CHA: 10


Defense Stats

HP: 187

AC: 25 [plus an addition 20% chance to not be hit due to Cloak of Displacement Minor]

Damage Reduction: -2 against weapon and natural attacks

Touch: 13

Flat-Footed: 25 [and no penalty for being flanked]

Initiative: -3

Speed: 30ft


Saving Throws

Fortitude: 12

Reflex: 6

Will: 3 [+3 in Rage]


Offense Stats

Base Attack: +11/+6/+1 [+1 against Orcs]

Grapple: 17



Flaming, Thundering Warhammer – Flaming can be activated [when not enraged] by saying "Hammer Time"

     A.B.: +17/+12/+7 [+3 in Rage, -4 when dual-wielding]

     DMG: 1d8+6 [+3 in Rage]

     Crit: X3 

     Range: Melee

     Type: Bludgeoning

     Notes: Flaming 1d6, Thundering 2d8 on crit only

+4 Dwarven Waraxe

     A.B.: +21/+16/+11 [+3 in Rage, -4 when dual-wielding]

     DMG: 1d10+10 [+3 in Rage]

     Crit: X3 

     Range: Melee

     Type: Slashing



Defensive Gear

Full Plate Armor

     Type: Heavy

     AC Bonus: +8

     Armor Check: -6

     Weight: 50 lbs

Cloak of Displacement Minor – grants a 20% miss chance on attacks against the wearer

Bracers of Armor +4 – Grants wearer an armor bonus of +4



Power Attack


Great Cleave

Two-weapon Fighting


Special Abilities

Dark Vision

Stone Cunning

Fast Movement

Greater Rage 3X/day

improved uncanny dodge

Trap Sense +3






Ybrik is one of the four friends that grew up together in Morningstar. His family is the only dwarven one in Morningstar having moved there when Ybrik was only an infant. Ybrik, a naturally outdoorsy dwarf, felt cooped up working in the forge with the rest of his family. He left in search of his dwarven heritage in the remnants of the Blackbeard clan. What he found there only dissappointed him. Nealry everything had beenlost or destroyed by Lord Rahl's forces years ago. After 5 years of searching, he decided to come back home and report the bad news to his family. He returned to find Morningstar in flames. His mother and father were safe, but the forge was destroyed and his brother was missing. Ybrik, enraged, joined his childhood friends on their quest to find Rahl and bring Justice to what he had done. Since that day, Ybrik has thought of little other than avenging his hometown, his family, and his heritage by destroying the evil tyrant.

Ybrik Blackbeard

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